Furnco develop, produce and market lighting systems for the furniture-, kitchen- and bathroomindustry. With innovation, cost-effective production, logistical solutions and high quality components we offer our customers guaranteed satisfaction.  

Furnco name is short for Furniture Company and is widely known throughout Europe as a trusted supplier to the furniture industry. The company’s headquarters are now located in Vellinge, Sweden, and the core business has progressed and is now focused on developing lighting systems and electronics for lighting.

Furnco is an innovative company that combines traditional materials and designs with the latest technology. Furnco firmly believes that the reason for
our success involves keeping a close presence on the market and listening to customer demands. We can supply customers with products ranging from electronics, lighting systems, cabinet handles and bathroom fittings to requests on an OEM-basis.

When buying a product from Furnco AB, you do not only get a supreme product – you also get
more than 30 years of experience in developing and distributing products worldwide.

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