FURNCO Electronics AB
a Swedish company with heritage.

With more than 40 years of experience in development, manufacturing and distributing products worldwide - we are able to guide you to the optimal solution. By combining traditional materials and designs with the latest technology, our customers can be sure to receive products fully catered to their needs.

We believe in listening to our customers!

We always strive to establish a close and long-term collaboration with our customers and partners.

Our business is mainly structured to be a close partner for OEM collaboration within our areas of expertise. This applies to matters ranging from finding a complete solution based on a functional requirement, to an ongoing collaboration with manufacturing and quality-assured deliveries. We are always open to small as well as large projects, which can mean anything from minor customer adaptations of existing products, to developing a completely new, more complex, and innovative system.

Over the years, we have developed great internal competence from working with cost efficient production of quality assured manufacturers, and together with our partners and agencies around the world, we reach a world-class excellence in the niches in which we operate.

Let us be your OEM partner for LED systems and electronics solutions.

Quality and sustainability

We understand the importance of working for sustainability and climate neutrality and are committed to run the company responsibly and in unity with all environmental regulations and laws - at all stages from producer to end consumer. Our products are therefore always tested, certified and labelled according to formal requirements, industry practice and customer-specific wishes.

We have a close cooperation and long relations with our factories to ensure total quality management and compliance with the code of conduct. The code of conduct is the requirements we place on our factories regarding human rights, work environment and environmental and social responsibility.

Together with our partners, we work to achieve well-planned deliveries, so that more long-distance transports can go by boat, instead of by air. In this way, we minimize the pollution per ton and kilometre.

Furnco complies with the WEEE-directive, and we are members of organizations such as “El-kretsen” and “Take-e-way”. We believe in taking producer responsibility and we continue to work together with our factories and partners, towards a sustainable future.


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